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Temper Glass

Safety Glass
Laminated Windscreen
Toughened glass is manufactured by heating and rapidly cooling annealed panes, a process known as thermal tempering.
Body Auto Glass made from temper glass.
Rear Auto Glass made from temper glass

Toughened glass is most frequently used in the rear and side windows of vehicles. It is designed to be much stronger than standard glass. In the case of a breakage, it shatters into very small blunt pieces thereby significantly reducing risk of injury.

To produce a tempered glass for automobiles, glass is heated until its temperature gets near the softening point and then cooled quickly to get the surface of glass to produce prestress layer on the surface of glass and produce tensile stress inside it, so as to improve the strength of glass. The heating cycle is also used to shape or curve the glass, either by allowing the heated glass to 'sag' to a pre-defined mould shape under gravity, or for more complex shapes, by being pressed to shape by male and female moulds.


If the tempered auto glass gets broken, the whole glass is torn into obtuse particles shaped like honeycomb which less harm to human body. Thus, the personal safety of the drivers and passengers can be well protected.

◆High Mechanical Strength
The impact resistance of temper glass is 5 to 8 times more than an annealed glass of the same thickness, as well as 3 to 4 times higher resistance to weight.

◆Thermal Stability
The glass can endure temperatures ranging from 250℃ to 320℃.

 We can make temper glass to your specification.

 ***Color tint: Clear, Green, Bronze, Blue,
 ***Features: Solar absorbing, Heater demist, Hydrophobic glass,
 ***Low visible Compliance Mark for vintage/collectable cars.