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Encapsulated Glass

Quarterglass Robotapply Diacasting
Encapsulted quarter glass Robot apply extruded mould Dia-casting encapsulation mould

Encapsulation glass is also called glass assembly part, it offer prevailing solutions for car fittings and aesthetics.

Encapsulation of glass is an expense process. A alloy die-casting mould must made for individual design and shape. Double component PU/PVC-TPE/EPDM material with give proportion react under high pressured situation and inject into the mould cavity where the glass is located. the PU rim moulding part is formed with the material cool down and encapsulating the glass. This material cannot be removed from the glass once the glass is encapsulated.

Encapsulation can be used on windscreens, side windows & rear windows.

Please do not confuse to another type of pre-fabricated auto glass part - Bonded parts, which utilize adhesives, fasteners, or pressure fitting a moulding or part to the glass. The attached part can be removed from the glass, if necessary.

Extruded mould: Robot applied trim on glass edges for flush mounding in car assembly. polyurethane material is extruded via output cavity and primed on glass ceramic coat with previous priming treatment, the PU extrusion assembly part is formed when the material cool down. This kind of extruded mould can only be a single profile.