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Acoustic Glass

LowEAcoustic glass
The acoustic windscreen is a laminated glass with a special acoustic PVB designed to cut down noise transmission. This can reduces wind noise and also helps reduce most outside noise arising from engine, wheels and car vibrations into the car.

Most car makers claimed to reduced the noise inside the car by about 3 - 5 dB compare to normal windscreen.

Some car manufacturers also use acoustic PVB to produce thinner windscreen to decrease the weight of their vehicle. The ultimate goal is to increase fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions.

Thinner glazing is safe as compared to normal sized glazing. Thicker outboard glass is normally for protecting the windscreen from cracking, stone chips, etc. resulting from impact of gravel and road debris. The impact performance of a windscreen is predominantly controlled by the adhesion between glass and PVB and by the rheology properties of PVB interlayer. Glass thickness plays a secondary role.