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A message from our CEO

It has been 2 years since the launch of our online catalogue and ordering system MYNAGS. I hope the online platform has been a useful and informative tool for you.

 At NAGS, we strive to be the market leader for aftermarket automotive glass and work closely with our manufacturers in order to introduce new products with the latest technology so that the Australian market can benefit from these technology advancements.

 The current market trend is toward Low-E Glass, the latest solar control technology available for windscreens. The California Air Resources Board has passed a mandate for auto manufacturers selling vehicles in California concerning the windshields, whereby from 2014, all vehicles sold in California are required to have windshields which reflect the sun. The Low-E Glass is a sun reflecting windshields. We believe Low-E Glass will become increasingly popular after consumers see the benefits that Low-E Glass can bring to them.

So what is Low-E Glass?.

 Low-E Glass is designed to block out more UV rays and infrared light from the sun than normal glass or solar glass does, whilst allowing sufficient light through the windscreen without compromising on visible light transmission. This ability to reflect away harmful UV rays, infrared light and glare off the road is good for our health and especially for those who spend long hours on the road.


 Low-E Glass is now in stock on selected models!

 If you are interested to see if Low-E Glass is available for your vehicle model, or you would like to see a demonstration of Low-E capability, please contact your nearest local branch or check MYNAGS for further catalogue details.


Maggie Lo

Chief Executive Officer